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The Steps Beyond Foundation is dedicated to developing and sustaining dance artists and to the cultivation of the dance community. Specifically, the Foundation is committed to supporting excellence in the field by providing collaborative opportunities among established and emerging artists through community engagement, creative project support, and presenting performance & special events.

A strong arts community in founded on the collaboration and inclusion of all voices. The Steps Beyond Foundation is dedicated to promoting and nurturing diversity.


The Steps Beyond Foundation exists on donations, grants, and ticket fees. Eighty percent (80%) of our income supports our programming. Please consider giving a donation of any size by clicking on the button below. Does your company have a matching grant program? You can double your donation!
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Diane Grumet, Artistic Director
Patricia R. Klausner, Managing Director
Emma Kuechler, Production Coordinator
Selena Robinson, Social Media Manager


Diane Grumet, Temple Kemezis, Patricia R. Klausner, Lars Rosager, Michelle Tolson
Carol Paumgarten, Advisory Chair (2014-2020)

Carol Paumgarten
Advisory Chair (2014-2020)

As the founder of Steps on Broadway and advisory chair of the Steps Beyond Foundation, we owe Carol so much – from her generosity of spirit to her unwavering support. She was part visionary, creative force, dedicated arts patron, collaborator, business woman, and great friend. Her passion for dance and beauty inspired the creation of Steps. An outgrowth of her vision, the foundation extends her legacy by offering opportunities for dancers to perform and grow as artists.